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Low prices! Don’t miss cheap oil change coupons (synthetic, conventional, high mileage) near me

Changing the oil in a vehicle is an important service procedure that all car owners have to deal with pretty regularly. Keeping your car properly oiled by following the recommended maintenance schedule is one of the most essential things you can do to prolong the life endurance of your transportation. This goal is achieved by lubricating moving parts, corrosion prevention and the engine cleaning and cooling.

oil change coupons near me prices Cheap

Oil change coupons near me: do-it-yourself guide, cheap car service, attractive prices

Below there is a list of tips on how often you should change your car’s oil, do-it-yourself change guide, prices on this service and a list of coupons offered by a range of maintenance service centers.

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Oil change coupons

change oil coupons near me prices Cheap

Necessary supplies and oil change coupons provide сheap car service near me with low prices

Everybody’s looking for the cheapest oil change near me. Here are the prices and a list of coupons that are presently being offered by automotive service companies in the US.

  • Big O Tires – $19.99 full cheap service filter and oil change, offers change according to the location near me
  • Express Oil – coupons with $7 off discount on express full-service (done up to 10 minutes)
  • EZ Lube– coupons $10 off on cheap full-service change
  • Firestone– $19.99 synthetic blend oil and filter change and other offers
  • Goodyear – the prices on different cheap auto maintenance service: $24.95 Conventional, $39.95 Synthetic Blend, $59.95 Full Synthetic
  • Grease Monkey – various coupons, $3-$6 off regular and $10 off synthetic
  • Jiffy Lube– discount coupons $5 off on cheap Jiffy Lube signature service (prices are about $25-$30)
  • Meineke – prices depending on the classification of service: $24.95 basic change, $34.95 preferred, $54.95 supreme and more
  • Midas – prices range: $19.99-$30.00 and other cheap offers depending on the store
  • Tire– $19.99 change, tire rotation and pressure check
  • Oil Can Henry’s– really cheap service: save $8 to $15 (prices are $19.99 to $24.99) on their famous 20-point full-service
  • Pep Boys – list of prices: $24.99 conventional, $5 off high mileage and $10 off synthetic changes including 5 quarts and 25 point check and other cheap offers
  • Sears Auto Center– discount coupons guarantee $21.99 (reg. prices $29.99) conventional or $8 off high mileage/synthetic
  • Take 5 Oil– coupons with $5 off on various other service discounts
  • Valvoline– oil change coupon synthetic: $5 off conventional, $7 off synthetic or synthetic blend
  • Victory Lane – $5 off discount coupons on complete service at participating locations near me.
coupons near me prices Cheap change oil

Oil change coupon near me: get cheap service with profitable prices using coupons

If you are aware of any coupons, prices or discounts near me that isn’t included in this list but is currently available, it would be nice if you could inform us via the contact page, after that we can add it to this list and share it with all the readers!

How to change oil

change coupons near me prices Cheap

Change oil by yourself without coupons and don’t look for the cheap prices near me

The majority of car manufacturers recommend replacing the oil and filter every 7,500 miles. Some of them recommend the next schedule – every 10,000 miles. Thank to recently made improvements and new technologies used in the cars and oil, both things are much more efficient, newer vehicles are allowed to follow the 7,500 mile schedule. Cars older than 10 years or so should have their oil checked more often. The recommended frequency depends on the type of vehicle, style of driving, the type of fluid and filter used.

coupons near me prices Cheap change

Change oil in time and use coupons near me — cheap service with low prices are guaranteed

Remember it! It is also advised to swap out synthetic fluid every 6,000 miles and those which are petroleum-based every 4,000 miles. Check your vehicle’s maintenance manual tips for more detailed recommendations and any extra requirements.

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change coupons near me prices Cheap

How to change oil near me on the cheap: do it in time and don’t forget about coupons providing low prices

Changing-by-yourself is an easy and, more importantly, cheap process. It depends on the make and model of the vehicle, but the basic stages are the same for almost all cars. As we cannot provide you with every last detail for every type of vehicle, we will reveal the general procedure so you can to do it yourself.

oil change coupons near me prices cheap

How to change oil? No coupons. no need to visit the cheap place near me with hot prices

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • floor jack
  • safety stands
  • engine oil
  • filter
  • funnel
  • drain pan
  • shop towels
  • wrench
  • filter wrench
  • approved disposal container.
coupons near me prices Cheap change

Supplies for oil change. Do it by yourself places near me and there is no need to use coupons and find cheap service with low prices

Step-by-step guide:

change coupons near me prices Cheap

Let’s start! Don’t look for cheap service or profitable prices and don’t use oil change coupons near me

  1. First check your owner’s manual to find the type and amount required. Make sure you get the right viscosity. Note any special requirements defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Drive the car a bit (e.g. to the store to get the oil) to loosen everything up and heat it up so it flows faster. Let the car cool down a bit so that it is warm (not hot) so you don’t burn yourself during procedure. It’s not often necessary, but you should find a proper lift point and raise it up using the floor jack if you need better access.

  2. Support it with the safety stands, then proceed to position the drain pan beneath the drain plug & filter (or the drain plug first if they are far apart from each other). Loosen and remove it using the appropriate wrench. Take the filler cap off to let it run out more quickly and remind you to put more in before starting your car. Clean and control the drain plug to see if it needs a replacement washer. Once all of it has drained from the drain pan, re-install it. Tighten it to the proper torque specifications, located in your car’s maintenance manual. Then, find and slowly loosen the filter. It will drain from the filter very fast.
  3. After diminishing the flow, continue to loosen it until it is able to be delicately removed from its housing. Make sure that the housing does not have a rubber gasket or O-ring left behind from the old filter. Dip your finger into either the used or the new oil and lubricate the gasket on the new one, then proceed to screw the filter into the housing, following the instructions provided on the packaging.
  4. The next thing you should do is to remove the drain pan from beneath the vehicle. Raise it enough to safely remove the jack stands, and then slowly lower it until you can move the jack into a safe location. Locate the oil cap on the top of the engine. Remove the cap, insert the funnel, and dispense the required amount into the engine. When completed, replace the cap.
  5. Use the dipstick to check the level. If the level appears in the marked safe zone on the dipstick, replace the dipstick, enter the vehicle, start the car, wait 30 seconds and turn it off. Wait a few minutes after turning it off and check the level one more time. If it is near the top of the marked safe zone, your work is done. If the level is near the bottom of the safe zone, add one half quart, then check again. Be sure that you do not get it overfilled. In the end, locate a tool that accepts used fluid and discard it there.
change coupons near me prices Cheap

Almost everything is done! Note: no coupons with discount prices and no necessity to visit cheap service near me

coupons near me prices Cheap

We do it! Oil change is done. Next time do it again or visit cheap service near me and use coupons to pay low prices

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Cheap oil change prices near me

change coupons near me prices Cheap

Oil change prices comparison: discount coupons help you to use cheap service near me

Where you can find the cheapest oil change near me? The average prices to have cheap vehicle’s engine oil and filter changed near me is around $20-$40. This price includes the labor, shop supplies used, filter, gaskets/o-rings/seals and usually the cost of disposing of the used fluid either. The prices basically depends on whether the work is done by an independent mechanic, a car dealership or a retail chain that specializes in this type of service.

change coupons near me prices Cheap

Find out where is the cheap oil change service company near me. Don’ forget about coupons and pay low prices

Another important factor is whether the engine needs synthetic or regular, and what type of filter is required. The synthetic oil change prices usually are about $40-$70. Depending on how many quarts you need (the prices are about $5-$10 per quart), by doing the work without any professional help will just cost you $10-$20.

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Oil change coupons near me

Oil change coupons near me prices Cheap

Cheap oil change places near me: a lot of coupons and profitable prices

Finding the cheap oil change places near me is easy, but there are things every driver should be careful about. Stay away from the companies that have a bad reputation because of careless staff or bad customer service. Ask your friends or family about their experience with such service or find information online. In order to avoid problems, it is always a smart decision to choose a national chain near me that offers warranties for their services.

Oil change coupons near me prices Cheap

Be careful while looking for the cheap oil changes near my location. Visit verified change service places and use coupons to get low prices

A “free inspection” is sometimes provided as gesture to check for other issues your car might have. But be careful as this is often a way for shops to convince you that your car requires additional work and that you should pay them to have the problems fixed. They can find a lot of many other problems if they want to earn more on your car. That is why low-cost chains might be great for swapping out old oil, it is usually a good idea to leave the more complicated and serious repairs to a mechanic you know and trust well.


  • find cheap reliable service near me;
  • don’t ignore discounts and use coupons;
  • change car oil in time;
  • optionally, learn how do change oil by yourself.

Following these tips, you will see how much you’ll save and your car will always be in good condition.

coupons near me prices Cheap change Oil

Time for an oil change? Cheap car services near me are already waiting for you. Just don’t forget coupons and you’ll definitely pay cheap prices